I don't do windows.

I don't do windows.


I come to your home to help you dig into it. You give me a tour and we discuss your vision for the space, the clutter backup areas and why they are happening, and how to get the family on board to sustain your newly organized space. Then we dig in: We map out what needs to go where, sort through piles, and go shopping in your house to see what furniture might be repurposed for that space. If supplies need to be purchased, you can either do this yourself or I can do it for you for a small fee.


$75 an hour. You can also buy packaged hours at a discounted rate:

  • 5 hours = $337 (30 minutes for free!)
  • 10 hours = $675 (1 hour for free!)


  • Written to-do list
  • Written shopping list, if needed
  • 1-page plan for sustaining your new, awesomely organized space