On Coaching

  • "This process helped me to focus on what is important. It gave me a safe place to be honest not only about my concerns, worries, anxieties and fears, but also a safe place to be self-confident about those things that I know I do well…. Having a coach allowed me to attend to and reflect on areas of my life that I wanted to grow in a positive way."
  • "I was surprised by the power of the coaching right from the start. I was really intrigued by how just by bringing a situation into coaching and attending to it, we can make changes."
  • "This process helped me to feel less lost as a new mother, more forgiving of myself for my shortcomings and empowered to co-create a family dynamic that enables all members of my family to thrive. It’s so reassuring to hear another mother tell you that what you’re experiencing is ABSOLUTELY NORMAL."

On Me, As Your Coach

  • "You are an excellent coach, Amelia! I really feel that you have a great talent for this work. You are enthusiastic and empathic, yet able to maintain a healthy distance/perspective to discuss my life, my dreams without offering 'solutions.' You are engaged and interested, caring and observant. Working with you showed me a true mirror of my life; a life which is not without challenges, yet exciting and full of blessings and opportunities!"
  • "I loved knowing that each week I was going to have a whole hour with a compassionate, intelligent listener. I loved feeling confident that I would be supported, yet challenged. The support felt genuine, because you continued to push me to search for answers to tough questions."
  • "This really was a fabulous experience for me. I love the approach and was pretty blown away even after the first week."

On Summary Documents

  • "I appreciated both the written feedback you sent me after each conversation and the dream/vision chart you created based on our discussions. It was an integral part of the process, allowing me to reflect on our conversations over and over. The clarity and simplicity of the chart really makes me feel empowered every time I look at it. I like to take a look at it especially on days when I feel overwhelmed by the daily grind, as it serves as a reminder of the possibilities and potentials I have in my life."
  • "I was so impressed with the write-ups! I think they were incredibly helpful to review and to focus my attention on what we had explored. They were an excellent tool in terms of organizing my thoughts for the week to come."
  • "It really helped me process everything we discussed. Plus, when my husband asked me how the session went, I was able to turn to the notes. Frequently, I shared the notes with him and we would discuss them. Those notes are something that I can return to again and again, and probably will."

On Home Organizing

"After analyzing my flow, [Amelia] had some awesome suggestions. I was afraid working with a professional organizer would be more like, 'This is what you should do, this is how you should do it.' She said none of that. It was more of a conversation about what types of organizing would help our flow 'flow better.'... Just some simple changes, but let me tell you, it has helped TREMENDOUSLY. I feel more clarity in my mind."