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"Babies Do not Understand Irony" ironic t-shirt

Ironic t-shirts are all the rage, even for those who can't yet read (let alone understand irony). With this meta-ironic getup, you'll be the hippest parent with the hippest baby on the block!

 Look at me, not understanding irony.

Look at me, not understanding irony.


Chores for Helpful Visitors—dry erase board

New baby in the house? Lots of visitors hanging around NOT getting the hint that your dog needs a walk/you could use a coffee/there's a lot of stinky laundry that's not going to do itself? Let this chore list drop the hints for you! No longer will your in-laws sit around the house watching "Law & Order" reruns! They'll be stocking your freezer with meals and cleaning your bathroom in no time—without YOU having to say a word!

"This checklist was perfect for such a chaotic time! It gave us all the structure that we needed." -Kara

checklist for pp visitors.jpg

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