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Redesign: Repurpose. Reuse. Reconfigure

Easy, personalized makeovers for business spaces! Small tweaks make a big impact on how your clients view your business. I can help you make changes to your furniture placement, wall color, and accessories. Attractive spaces attract clients.

Befores & Afters

This naturopath's office is a large, open space that needs to accommodate several aspects of patient care, from an in-depth intake through exam. Initially, the intake area was in a nook on one side of the room, the exam table was in an identical nook on the opposite side, and the waiting area was in the middle. The room needed continuity between areas to better support the process of how it is used. Now, instead of having to navigate through the waiting area on the way to the exam table, post-intake, patients and doctor move seamlessly from one process to the next.

As a naturopath with a small, boutique practice, I have been doing a lot on my ownwhich has it's limits! Amelia came in, assessed the space, and used creative re-purposing and her keen sense of order and flow to make my space so much better. When I walk in, I feel energy moving more freely, and my patients are more at ease. Amelia does a wonderful job of marrying aesthetics with thrift and function. Thank you!  -Katrina Iiams-Hauser, ND

It is important that when your clients walk into your space, they know where to go and what to do. When clients walked into this busy massage therapists' office, they weren't quite sure whether to sit down or go talk to someone at the desk. Moving the desk to the point of entry and having the waiting area farther in helped to cue clients to talk to the receptionist first, then take a seat.

Working with Amelia was not only extremely helpful, but so much fun. After she helped me decide how to move and organize things to help open and utilize the space, everything in my massage studio flowed beautifully. Now every time I walk into "work," it just feels like a second home.   -Cara, massage therapist


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 Note to self: Get organized.

Note to self: Get organized.


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