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Close your eyes and imagine your home: Ordered. Functional. Relevant. Attractive.

Did you know you have four of those?

Did you know you have four of those?

There are no piles. No clutter. There is a place for everything and everyone in your house knows it. Your kids put away their toys because they know where they go. Your partner’s socks are not behind the bathroom door—they are in the hamper behind the bathroom door. The items you love to look at are beautifully displayed. Your furniture is arranged to match the way you use your space. You think of an item you own and know precisely where it is; you are confident you only have one*.

You are at peace. You, your partner, your children do your work in the world with ease because your space supports you. It gives you energy.

Now open your eyes. How does your space make you feel? Does it reflect what you imagined?

If not: What is standing in your way? Time? Energy? Motivation? Visual systems not your thing?

Well GUESS. WHAT. I can help you:

  • better organize your space to match your lifestyle
  • get everyone on board
  • teach your kids good habits around cleaning up after themselves
  • make your space kid- AND grown-up friendly

I do not impose my systems on you. Whether you know it or not, you already have a system in place. I note what you are already doing, then problem-solve ways to make it more structured and smoother for your family.

* not four because you “accidentally” bought it three other times without realizing you had one to begin with.

A Quick Word...

Please note that home organizing is NOT the same thing housecleaning. While both result in a tidy living space, working with me, your friendly home organizer and clutter coach, gives you the tools to KEEP it that way. Think of me as a spatial analyst of your household—together, we examine the bigger picture of the space and the behaviors of those who live there, then work out systems that suit everyone and help the whole household (not just you) to maintain order.


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