Your Furniture May Be So Money and You Don’t Even Know It

I think a common misunderstanding is that home organizing equals going to the Container Store or Ikea and buying some attractive-looking boxes or other bits of furniture that maybe you saw in a Real Simple magazine, and then putting stuff in it.

But here is the truth: It is likely that to transform your home, NO ITEM PURCHASE IS NECESSARY. (Or if there is, it is, like, a hook or something.)

In fact, YOU PROBABLY HAVE MOST EVERYTHING YOU NEED. It just takes thinking about it in a different way.

(Note: I'm skipping step 1 here, which is culling clutter like a boss, and moving on to step 2, which includes-but-is-not-limited-to thinking about both the space and your furniture in new and different ways.)

Shelf: Before

Shelf: Before

For example: A client wanted a place in her waiting room to offer her clients tea. In the room was a tall bookshelf with a few tchotchkes, a water urn that tended to blend in with its background, and a lot of empty spaces—in other words, it was a piece of furniture not being fully used, which made me question its utility to the overall space.

Shelf: After

Shelf: After

When she said “tea bar,” I immediately noted that the width of the bookshelf would make the perfect height for a buffet upon which to serve tea. So I suggested putting the shelf on its side—and subsequently blew her mind. The only problem was the bottom of the shelf is, well, a shelf bottom. Unfinished. How could we hide that? WITH PLANTS. (Another option could have been putting the bottom part up against a wall so you couldn’t see it). Additionally, the shelves were adjustable, so we spaced them evenly and made a cool, retro-looking shelf that also met her needs, AND without spending a dime.

So go shopping in your house! What is a thing you have been wanting in order to transform your space? Then ask yourself, What do I already have that I could repurpose—using it in a different space or a different way?

Have fun thinking about it!

Or maybe it’s just me who has actual fun thinking about it. I will admit that.