My Structure Is Not Your Structure and Your Structure Is Not My Structure

A lot of people I've been talking with lately have been exploring the idea of setting up systems and routines for themselves. Someone told me recently that the Dalai Lama said one of the keys to happiness is ROUTINE. In a Mazlow's-hierarchy-of-needs sort of way, we need to know that the basic framework of the bulk of our days is set, so we are not expending a crapload of energy each day trying to figure out what the fudgsicles we're doing. Rather, having a set of parameters to frame the day allows us to relax into our lives, allowing for focus and productivity.

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Open Letter to Authors of Parenting Articles

Dear esteemed authors of articles about parenting (self included):

Hi. Thank you for sharing the pearls of wisdom you have gleaned from the ocean of articles, studies, opinions, techniques, books, blogs, experiences, and so on and so forth.

Like you and many of our generation (who are trying to be perfect) I am a concerned, conscientious parent and I really REALLY want to do a good job. I take this responsibility of raising a human being very seriously. However, I fail and eff up all the time. And I feel like crap about it and I'm sure you do too.

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From Chaos to Zen: Harmonize Your Workspace + Your Work Style

Don’t let your furniture dictate your work style, configure your space to the way YOU like to work!

I recently had a client who needed help organizing her studio apartment. She said, "I have been living in a studio for a year and was having an incredibly hard time being productive in my space. I was wholly uninspired and affected by my environment. I loved the potential of my apartment and didn't want to move, but needed the space to work for me."

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From Chaos to Zen: Where to Start


If this is you, rest easy: I have a few simple tips to get you started. Number one, well, precursor number one: Don’t try to do everything at once. Your head will explode.

Step 1

Get out several pieces of paper, some tape, and a marker. Make four signs and tape them up in four areas of your house. These will be your sort piles:

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From Chaos to Zen: UX in 3D

I am starting a regular series of posts of organizational tips, called "From Chaos to Zen." It is all about what I am learning and noticing as I organize. I hope you find it helpful!

In website terms, user-experience design (UX) is all about configuring virtual, visual space in such a way as to guide users to see, do, or experience a particular thing. In a well-designed site, you know where to go and what to do, because it is really visually obvious.

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How to Get Your Kid Out the Door in the Morning Without Too Much Trouble*

Getting out the door in the morning is the bane of my existence and undoubtedly that of many other parents. You mean I *have* to get dressed? Brush my teeth? SIT ON THE POTTY??? Oh no no no Mommy! I *HAVE* to put this sparkly bird sticker! On my face! Because [BFF] did it yesterday! MY SOCKS! ARE. TOO. TIGHT. MUST. THROW. FIT. NOW. (And I don’t CARE that I could just simply go change them! No! Never!)

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