Traveling with Breast Milk: Know Your Rights

This post made my blood boil. Written by a breast feeding mother who was departing on a flight from an airport in the UK, she describes how she had been on a trip, breast pump in tow, and was trying to bring back the milk in her carry-on luggage. She followed all the rules as she knew them, declaring the milk and such, and basically, the security person, who didn’t know the rules but wouldn’t admit it, went on a power trip and wound up making her DUMP. ALL. THE. MILK. You should really read her post and get all the verbal gems this idiot bestowed upon her. I myself had a somewhat similar experience traveling last year, though nothing like forced milk dumpage happened to me. At a certain airport (which shall remain nameless, because really, and very unfortunately, they are not unique in their unfriendly treatment of mothers), I declared my carried-on breast milk as we were going through security. I even had it in a plastic bag, like you’re supposed to with all liquids. They pulled it aside and swipe tested it, and I think there was a malfunction of the system or something–some sort of alert was set off, and they said they had to pat me down. So yeah. I got frisked. For having breast milk in my carry-on luggage. I’m clearly dangerous.