Not All Breast Pumps Were Created Equal

When choosing a breast pump, be aware that not all breast pumps are equal--in design or in company philosophy. I recently came across this article, "The Problems with Medela," and found it to be very eye-opening. When you think "breast pump," I'm guessing you think "Medela." I know I did. In fact, I have a SECOND-HAND Pump-in-Style gathering dust in E's closet. And as I may have mentioned, I used the bejeezus out of that thing. So I was horrified to learn that you should NOT use second-hand Medela pumps because they have an "open system," meaning that "milk can back up through the tubing and contaminate the motor to the pump. And while the tubing can be cleaned or replaced, the motor cannot. That means if milk makes it into the motor, so could a hypothetical seccond user’s, at which a time they’d mix. The motor can’t be cleaned or sanitized, and there’s no way to know if milk ever contaminated it. So, if you’re using a second-hand pump, it might be clean, or it might not." (Did I mention I'm something of a germaphobe?)