Three Deal Breakers in Home Design for Families

As a home organizer and a person with a slight home-design-ap-and/or-real-estate-listing addiction, I spend a significant portion of time observing home environments. And while I’ve enjoyed feasting my eyes on thousands of attractive, visually well-composed spaces, I often realize with dismay that they’d present problems to my clients rather than solve them.

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On Folding with Marie Kondo

As you would no doubt imagine, once you have discarded all the clothes that are harshing your buzz, or whatever, you now have to put them away, either in a closet, but preferably in a drawer. Kondo suggests that you "hang any clothes that look like they would be happier hung up, such as those made with soft materials that flutter in the breeze or highly tailored cuts, which protest at being folded."

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Your Furniture May Be So Money and You Don’t Even Know It

I think a common misunderstanding is that home organizing equals going to the Container Store or Ikea and buying some attractive-looking boxes or other bits of furniture that maybe you saw in a Real Simple magazine, and then putting stuff in it.

But here is the truth: It is likely that to transform your home, NO ITEM PURCHASE IS NECESSARY. (Or if there is, it is, like, a hook or something.)

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