Hi, I am Amelia McGee, a Seattle-area strategic home organizer and parent coach. I'm guessing you're a busy parent who is looking for strategies and support to help your family thrive, as a unit, in your space. Believe me, I understand where you're coming from!


home organization by someone who understands family dynamics

I arrange spaces and set up customized systems to keep families organized. I’m a visually-oriented systems thinker, and I love to create beautiful, functional spaces that make you feel calm and peaceful.

As a home organizer, parent, AND parent coach, I understand what it is to:

  1. get out the door with small children
  2. manage all that gear, from strollers to swim bags to artwork to toys, while still having grown-up spaces
  3. teach your family where all the things live and come up with strategies to make sure those things get put away properly


Parent coaching by someone who understands environmental enablers

I work with parents to get organized in their parenting, helping them find coping and management strategies that fit their families. I am a certified parent coach with a master’s degree in public health.

As a parent coach, parent, AND home organizer, I understand what it is to create an environment that enables families to:

  1. limit screen time
  2. promote responsibility for belongings
  3. engender creativity


Why I do this work

I look at parent support as super [awesome] upstream public health. Helping families get organized, inside and out, results in parents who have bandwidth to parent their kids purposefully and with integrity. Kids who are parented with integrity grow up to become adults with integrity (not to mention have better outcomes in health, socioeconomic status, and overall well being)—adults who may go on to have children. Who are parented with integrity. And on and on, down the generations. It’s public health, people. Science!

I am also an artist, so beauty is important to me. It uplifts me and gives me hope—and with hope comes inspiration, which leads to productivity. I want to help you find these feelings too, so you can do the work you were meant to do in the world, and as a parent.

Halloween, 1989. I have always had a Mary Poppins complex.

Halloween, 1989. I have always had a Mary Poppins complex.

Parenting the Kid That You Have as the Parent You Are

Particularly in the early days of your kid’s life, it can be hard to differentiate which of your caregiving tasks is a) actually about caring for your her biological needs, or b) a parenting choice. It is easy to fall into thinking that—for example—where your kid sleeps or what she eats is biological, when in reality, that is something you as the parent decide.

Things I Like to Write About