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Hello my fellow appreciator of beautiful, efficient spaces!

I'm guessing you're here because you're a busy person who is looking for support in setting up systems to make your home run more smoothly, look amazing, and feel like a relief. Well, you've come to the right place!

Amelia is genius at bringing out the best in spaces. She’ll take what you have and give you ideas to arrange it in clever ways that optimize beauty and function. You have no idea how much better your space can be, and in turn, how much better your life will be with spaces that support it! I highly recommend working with Amelia.
— Kathryn

Does THIS sound familiar?

  • Your home layout feels awkward but you don't know why
  • Certain areas of your home drive you crazy and you don't know how to fix them
  • There are things you are LITERALLY bumping up against
  • You feel like you’re always cleaning up yet still find piles of things in the same spots
  • You and your partner have opposite inclinations about how to keep house
  • You have an idea of how you want to be living but don’t know how get there

I can help with that!

I'm Amelia McGee, strategic home organizer, parent educator, and artist. I use all of these skills to create beautiful, functional environments that keep you and your family organized, in a way that is authentic to you. (And I do it all largely using the materials you have on hand!)

I want you to feel at home in your home—like you're living and operating in your space with intention and joy!

  • I want you to feel like your space brings out the behaviors you want to see in your family (Want to limit screen time? Don’t have the TV front and center in your space!)
  • I want you to feel like all of your work spaces are efficient (Are your tools nearby or do you keep having to get up to get something?)
  • I want your space to accurately reflect how you live (Will everyone *actually* walk across the room to put their coats in the closet, or do you need some hooks near the door?)
  • I want your space to feel beautiful (Do your rooms and the big items in it follow the “golden ratio” of proportion [2:3]?)
  • I want you and your family to have ways to communicate with each other about how to keep your space (Take my Housekeeping Temperament assessment and gain insight into WHY you/your partner operate(s) the way you do at home!)

Because when your home feels this way—in all these ways combined—you feel hopeful. You have energy. You feel inspired. You are productive—you and your family are able to do the work you were meant to do in the world.

 Halloween, 1989. I have always had a Mary Poppins complex.

Halloween, 1989. I have always had a Mary Poppins complex.

Know your temperament, change your habits

Do you ever wonder why it seems so easy for some people to keep their house in order, while others really struggle with it? Or why some people NEED to have their shoes sorted alphabetically by brand, while others barely notice the walls are beige? (Or that there are walls?)

IT'S BECAUSE OF YOUR TEMPERAMENT! Your temperament is the set of characteristics you were born with and it explains how you naturally move through the world—including how you operate at home.

What does temperament have to do with your constantly cluttered counter? Or your mouth-frothing need to keep the floor free from shmootz at all times? Or—oh let's get into it!—your partner's leaving their socks behind the bathroom door? Or or or....[that thing they do that drives you bananas]???

Receive your free assessment to find out! Sign up in the box below.


Amelia assessed my needs and how I like to work, then transformed my space to fit me exactly. My ability to go from sleeping, eating, cleaning, working, relaxing, meditating in my tiny studio apartment is SEAMLESS. I find myself having more energy as soon as I come home and energy as soon as I wake up, which I never had before. This is the power of functional, useful, and beautiful place. I would recommend Amelia TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE!
— Kirby
I was afraid working with a professional organizer would be like, “This is what you should do, this is how you should do it.” Amelia said none of that. It was more of a conversation about what types of organizing would help our flow “flow better.” Just some simple changes, but let me tell you, it has helped TREMENDOUSLY.
— Rebecca
Amelia is incredible. She came into my home and literally transformed it within one session! Her ability to hear my needs and fashion an entirely new and productive space using most of what I already had was so amazing to watch! I had one room and she effortlessly turned it into two. Her mind works in ways mine just doesn’t and she’s a space alchemist!!!
— Saman

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As a home organizer and a person with a slight home-design-ap-and/or-real-estate-listing addiction, I spend a significant portion of time observing home environments. And while I’ve enjoyed feasting my eyes on thousands of attractive, visually well-composed spaces, I often realize with dismay that they’d present problems to my clients rather than solve them.

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